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The Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble (CBYE) is highly recognized as a creative and vital force in promoting the growth of the arts within our community and abroad. Numerous accomplishments have been made since our inception in 1991. Best known for our classic repertoire of The Nutcracker, the Ballet has also produced and hosted numerous innovative events featuring some of Canada’s most accomplished dancers such as Rex Harrington, Evelyn Hart, Christopher Body, Robert Glumbek and Roberto Campanella. Internationally we had the honor of representing Canada in a world dance festival over in Europe where we received a prestigious award from the Diaghilev School of Dance.

Our Mission…

To provide talented young dancers the opportunity to perform 
with professional artists, dancers, musicians and choreographers 
from auditions to grand finale.

To work with the community in bringing arts and culture to all ages 
at affordable prices. 

To educate children to appreciate classical music and ballet 
and to develop an audience for the art of dance.

To sustain the progress we have made, The Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble relies on the support of individuals and corporations. The Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble is seeking your support in cultivating a community of friends who share a deep love of ballet and an appreciation for the role of the arts. It is founded on the common goals of our mission statement…

“Quest for appreciation of artistic excellence, beauty and passion of dance, and high regard for the education of our children”


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