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Belma Gurdil-Diamante

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The Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble is very aware of the great responsibility art plays in helping to heal us as individuals and nations. We see our part as one of leadership in helping to create social change. As a non-profit organization the task is highly challenging. But we are blessed with many strengths.

Our greatest asset is our tremendously talented artistic director Evelyn Hart who has the gift of creating great quality with little in hand. And where would we be without our endlessly giving volunteers and parents and, of course, our corporate and individual donors.

The weak link is the lack of governmental and institutional support, which lessens our ability to play a more effective role in nuturing the artistic - therefore spiritual-life of our community.

However, we are proud of the job we are doing, and enjoy very much, the presence on stage of the innocence, warmth and beauty of our children. Here indeed is fuel for the soul.

"Your involvement as audience, sponsor, donor, volunteer, and board members is always encouraged and welcomed.

Together we can enrich and bring joy to our community!"

Belma Gurdil-Diamante


Art, Entertainment, Education, Values and Imagination


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