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Man on laptop wearing blue light glasses

Blue Light Blocking Lenses - The Science

In today’s technology-driven world, prolonged screen exposure is almost unavoidable. However, the blue light emitted by displays can lead to digital eye fatigue and disrupt slumber patterns. We understand the importance of safeguarding vision, which is why we offer blue light blocking lenses. Let’s delve into the science behind these lenses:


Comprehending Blue Light


Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum and is emitted by digital devices like smartphones, computers, and tablets. While some contact with blue light is necessary for regulating our rest-activity cycle (circadian rhythm), excessive exposure, especially at night, can have adverse effects.

How Blue Light Affects Slumber


Exposure to blue light in the evening can hamper natural sleep patterns by inhibiting the body’s production of melatonin, a hormone regulating rest. This can lead to trouble falling asleep and poor sleep quality.


Digital Eye Fatigue


Blue light can also contribute to digital eye fatigue, characterized by symptoms like eye exhaustion, headaches, and dry eyes. Blue light blocking lenses work to decrease the amount of blue light that reaches the eyes, thus alleviating these symptoms.


How Blue Light Blocking Lenses Perform


Blue light blocking lenses are designed to filter out or absorb a portion of the blue light emitted by displays. They use specialized coatings or materials that target specific wavelengths of blue light while allowing other colors to pass through.


Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Lenses


Blue light blocking lenses can improve sleep quality, reduce eye strain, and protect vision from potential long-term effects of excessive blue light exposure.


Our Blue Light Solutions


We offer a range of blue light blocking eyewear options, including prescription and non-prescription glasses. Our knowledgeable staff can help find the right blue light eyewear to suit needs.

Prioritize eye health in the digital era with blue light blocking lenses from Laurier Optical. Experience the benefits of lessened digital eye fatigue and better sleep quality with our high-quality eyewear solutions.