The goal of our clinics is to provide friendly, caring and comfortable eye exams near our Ottawa patients.
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Insurance Benefits - Have you claimed yours?

Many Canadians likely overlook potential fiscal assistance for regular checkups. This commonly causes eye difficulties going undiagnosed as patients avoid examination costs.

Numerous employers furnish medical coverage encompassing vision care. Plans cover annual examinations plus glasses/contacts. Those without, abundant attractive private options exist so checkups require no budgetary worry.


But recognizing accessible benefits requires understanding resources. Let’s review tips promoting maximum coverage for vital checkups.


Exams justify importance. Early detecting even subtle variances assists treatment. Specialized equipment identifies hidden health issues excelling diabetes, hypertension, cancer. Tracking alteration facilitates tailored support.


OHIP exempts many adults, reimbursing under-19, over-65 exams alone. Exceptions exist for specific eye/systemic conditions.


Work HR clarifies employee coverage. Health plans usually portion prescriptions and treatment. Coverage often includes oneself, partner, children.


Providers accept most insurance. Furnishing cards keeps file current for claim submissions and receipts.


Benefits renew annually. Ensure utilizing leftover portions before expiry to avoid loss.

Private insurers like Blue Cross supply comparable/superior individual/additional plans for those requiring specialized care. Affordable monthly premiums versus zero access.

Regular sight assessments prove preventative and crucial to healthcare. Fiscal aid options promote wellness accessibility despite socioeconomic barriers. Informed choices maximize vision protection and treatment.