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3d eye scan

What are Eye Exams with 3d Scan?

OCT scans function by taking a series of detailed cross-sectional scans of the back of the eye, rendering a comprehensive 3D rendering of vital structures such as the optic nerve, retina and macula. These 3D imagery enable optometrists to discern any abnormalities and diagnose eye issues like age-related macular deterioration, glaucoma and diabetic eye disease during their early stages.

3D scans can serve as a monitoring mechanism for closely tracking one’s ocular health progression over time. This proves particularly important if risk factors exist for eye conditions or a family history of ocular disease. The 3D imagery allows optometrists to pinpoint any changes indicative of developing issues and address them promptly before serious impairment occurs. Regular OCT scans, when warranted, can optimize early detection and treatment of various sight-threatening conditions.